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Almost three decades ago, a literary movement forever changed the landscape of the horror entertainment industry. This fall, Grey Matter Press breathes new life into that cause as we reawaken the Splatterpunk revolution of the 1980s with the release of Splatterlands.


Splatterlands: Reawakening the Splatterpunk Revolution is a collection of personal, intelligent and subversive horror with a point. This illustrated volume of dark fiction honors the truly revolutionary efforts of some of the most brilliant writers of all time with an all-new collection of visceral, disturbing and thought-provoking work from a diverse group of modern minds.


Exploring concepts that include serial murder, betrayal, religious fanaticism, physical abuse, societal corruption, greed, mental instability, sexual assault and more, Splatterlands delivers on the promise of the original Splatterpunk movement with this collection of honest, intelligent and hyperintensive horror.


Prepare yourself for a disturbing journey that is far smarter than gore for the sake of gore. We introduce you to Splatterlands...



Dwellers - Paul M. Collrin

Devil Rides Shotgun - Eric Del Carlo

The Artist - James S. Dorr

Dis - Michele Garber

Empty - A.A. Garrison

Housesitting - Ray Garton

Heirloom - Michael Laimo

Amputations in the Key of D - Jack Maddox

Letter to My Ex - J. Michael Major

The Viscera of Worship - Allen Griffin

The Defiled - Christine Morgan

Violence for Fun and Profit - Gregory L. Norris

Party Guests - Chad Stroup


Illustrated by Carrion House/Luke Spooner


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